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Australia 🇦🇺

Paul Thomas McCann, ODM International elite Therapist Partner PLus.jpg

🇦🇺Paul Thomas McCann

n° reg. ODM 493/1535

ODM International élite Therapist Partner Plus & Blogger

Professional qualifications


> Bachelor Health Science – Myotherapy

> Grad Cert Higher Education Teaching

ØDiploma Remedial Massage

> Diploma Myopractic

> Diploma Sports Nutrition

Professional address


88 Currie Street

5000 Adelaide


Campus Manager

- Endeavour College of Natural Health  -Adelaide Life Member

- Massage & Myotherapy Australia


- International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance

Dear colleagues,

The world is changing so rapidly that every day we are forced to learn not only new methods of healing, but also changed methods of transmitting and perceiving information.

Each of us is familiar with a situation where, with sufficient work experience and many skills, high qualifications and expert diplomas,

Today it is also necessary to think about how to attract new potential customers with new marketing, advertising and communication programs.

Corporate promotion of massage and rehabilitation for operating specialists in different countries.

For potential clients/patients, the question of finding a qualified expert to whom they can entrust their health from a physiological and pathological point of view and from a general point of view of aesthetics, nutrition, sport and physical and mental well-being in general.

In light of all these factors, the International Board of Massage Therapist Association, in collaboration with other associations and relevant information partners, launched the project:

International Health Directory, an official guide dedicated to all methods of manual and physical medicine, complementary medicine, professional holistic methodologies (massage, rehabilitation, osteopathy, cranio-sacral technique, shiatsu treatments, Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai massage, kinesiology and many more).

Practiced by professionals such as: medical masseurs, physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists, professional complementary and holistic therapists and all specialists whose work and skills are dispensed on a daily basis bestowing health and well-being to patients and clients in a professional manner at: Thermal centres, SPAs , health and wellness centres, private studios and centres, clinics, hospitals.

Have you already looked for new opportunities for the worthy promotion of your activities as a therapist or wellness operator in the fields of manual and physical medicine, or complementary medicine?
Have you noticed for a long time that direct mail doesn't work as effectively as it used to?
Wouldn't you like to distinguish yourself from those who lack decent qualifications, but lower prices for their work?
Would you like to get the long-awaited financial result by engaging in international projects?

So we invite you to participate in a new project that has been specially created for our colleagues in all countries, working independently and or in a group of specialists, all interested in being part of the international team of their professional friends, as well as be in the catalog of the professional elite, which will always be available to potential customers.

We have entered into partnership agreements with relevant associations and information partners for the most effective promotion and positioning of the project.
We have also become partners in a project to promote the international Wellness movement, which allows us to attract customers in bulk.

Joining a project is quite simple:
1) Request and fill out the registration form completely,
2) Attach all the required documents,
3) Receive a registration confirmation letter
4) Participate in promotion projects

To book an interview, provide your telephone number on the WhatsApp line, you will be contacted on office days and hours with prior notice

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